portraitAustralian artist Kathryn Sherer, lives and works in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney and is currently painting the landscapes and details of her wilderness surroundings.

Kathryn has developed many facets of her artistic endeavour in both jewellery and object design, sculpture and installation art for twenty years. After a break from her art practice while working in art therapy and education, and also after relocating to live in the Blue Mountains, she has begun painting her surroundings. Kathryn has always used drawing as a way to interpret and plot her path through an unseen map; a mental map, one in which the parameters are unknown and yet sometimes relocated. Her drawings in the past have had a surreal and dreamlike quality developing fragments of memories, more to do with the feelings the memories produce than the memories themselves.

She has been influenced by artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Margaret Preston, Colin McCahon, Surrealist art and by the study of dreams. Now in the Blue Mountains, drawing on her background in jewellery and object design, she focuses on the details of the native flora of her mountain home to create small artworks which capture a moment of reflection on the minutia of the bush, those small things that hold our attention momentarily while all else stands still. Her larger paintings draw on the vastness of the wilderness areas that surround her and the enormous and changing clouds and sky above them that emphasise the smallness of our individual human presence.