Since graduating from Sydney College of the Arts in 1979, my art practice has developed through a variety of mediums; jewellery and object design, sculpture, installation art and drawing, however now I am mostly working with painting.

I relocated from Sydney to the Blue Mountains twenty years ago and have been absorbed by my natural surroundings ever since.

My background in jewellery and object design has helped focus my attention on the minutia of the bush, those small things that hold my attention momentarily as all else stands still, while other paintings draw on the vastness of the wilderness areas that surround me and the changing clouds and sky above that emphasise the smallness of my individual human presence.

 I work to try and find a way of representing this overly imaged landscape in a fresh way that is true to my own aesthetic. I hope my work reveals my love of nature, finding beauty and tranquility in landscape.

Other paintings relate to travel, road trips, and the influences I have found along the way.

The artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Margaret Preston, Colin McCahon, Turner, Barbara Tuck, James Gleeson, William Robinson, Russell Drysdale, Rover Thomas and many others have influenced me.

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blue mountains artist 33
Big Sunset over Mundi Mundi // 140 x 140cm // Oil on 9 canvas stretchers // $5400